Pricing For General Tile Installation and Related Services

Note that the following prices are based on projects of average condition. Prices will vary based on your specific application, tile and design, the listed prices are designed to provide you with a general understanding of costs. Prices are for labor only and do not include tile or setting materials. 

Floor Tile Installation

$7.00 / square foot


Wall Tile Installation

$22.00 / square foot


Shower Floor Float

$45.00 / square foot


Hardi Backer Installation

$12.00 / square foot


Toilet Removal and Re-Installation



restoring saltillo

$7.00 / square foot


kitchen backsplash

≈1,850.00 / 30 sq.ft.


saltillo floor

≈3,600.00 / 400 sq.ft.


shower floor/walls



fire place surround

≈2,500.00 / 30 sq.ft.


clay/cement floor

≈2,375.00 / 100 sq.ft.


bathroom floor

/ 30 sq.ft.